Acuity Law Advises Bond Digital Health On Investment

Acuity Law Advises Bond Digital Health On Investment

Key Contact: Tom Saunderson

Acuity’s Corporate team, led by Senior Associate Tom Saunderson are pleased to have advised Bond Digital Health, a pioneering Cardiff-based medtech company, in relation to two equity funding injections in 2020 totalling £2m. The most recent round, in which Bond received £1m from Wealth Club, the high-net-worth investment service, and £200,000 from the Development Bank of Wales, has been named Deal of the Month by Insider Media.

Bond Digital Health’s pioneering technology is at the forefront of the fight against the coronavirus – its data management platform, Transform®, collects, stores and shares data from lateral flow diagnostic tests, the same type of rapid tests that are being widely used in the COVID-19 outbreak. A version of Transform® is currently in-market, powering a Canadian client’s COVID-19 rapid antigen test.

Bond Digital Health will use the funding to create new high-value jobs to develop and market its technology with a view to helping more people and businesses do better with data.

Ian Bond, CEO of Bond Digital Health commented on their working relationship with Acuity Law:

“As any entrepreneur knows, a funding raise is much like fighting a fire breathing dragon. Lots of heat, lots of tension and it never seems to lie down. We’ve been through that twice this year, successfully I have to say, and the one thing that was a given was that the team from Acuity were there. Responsive, involved, up to speed on all issues and most of all on our side all the way. It was, and remains, a valuable partnership.”

Tom Saunderson commented “It was a pleasure to work with Ian and the rest of the team at Bond to secure this funding and a privilege to play a small part in supporting a business whose innovative digital platform is playing an important role in the fight against COVID-19.”

If you would like further details on any of the subjects raised, please contact Tom Saunderson.

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