Costs Awards In Planning Appeals: A Guide To Getting Paid

Costs Awards In Planning Appeals
Getting Paid: A Guide For Planning Consultants

Key Contact: Jim Ryan

How and when will your client get paid?

Some paying parties negotiate fairly and reasonably and pay up promptly – but not all!

What happens then? The Inspector’s Costs Decision Letter says something about a court application to make the Costs Decision into a “Rule of the Court”.  Huh?  What does that mean?  And how do you do it?

Sounds complicated, probably expensive and is a lawyer needed to make the application?

Should you advise your client to settle at a lesser amount because, after all, you are now incurring more costs just in chasing settlement of the costs your client was awarded because of the paying party’s unreasonable behaviour?

The good news is that we can simplify it for your clients

The formal Court process is designed to conclude the vexed question of costs fairly and reasonably and just by invoking the formal procedure some reluctant and dilatory payers will be encouraged to reach a fair settlement in preference to explaining themselves to a costs judge.

Acuity Law offers a standardised approach to simplify the process.  For example, a fixed fee will be agreed to make the application to the court to convert the Inspector’s Costs Decision into a Rule of the Court. 

This can be enough to draw a reluctant paying party into negotiating more seriously.

Although unlikely, if it is necessary to continue the formal claim, for example drawing up a formal Bill of Costs, serving formal notice of detailed assessment of costs or referring the issue to the Senior Courts Costs Office, Acuity Law will manage the process, including seeking recovery of its own costs from the paying party.

Can we help your client to secure a better planning appeal costs settlement?

If you would like to contact us regarding planning appeal costs, please contact Planning Partner, Jim Ryan on 07539 865192, or email [email protected].

Alternatively, please complete our interactive form fill to find out if we can secure a better planning appeal costs settlement for your client.

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