Acuity-Powered Document Builder

When you’re managing a business, you need to comply with the law. You need legally watertight documents that don’t cost the earth. And fast.

As an award-winning law firm, we are drafting specialists. That’s why our Acuity lawyers have created Document Assist.


Document Assist is the dynamic document building tool that puts you in control, delivering high-quality, legally compliant documents at the tap of a finger. Approved by the experts at Acuity Law. 

How does it work?

Document Assist is easy to use. Simply log in to the Acuity Portal and:

  • Answer some quick questions to tailor your document to your specific needs.
  • Click to build
  • Insert your company branding
  • Download to access, save and edit
  • Store in your designated Acuity Portal account

What does Document Assist include?

Whatever your legal needs, Document Assist has you covered. A full range of templates including:

  • Employment
  • Data protection
  • Corporate governance
  • Finance
  • Intellectual Property
  • Real Estate

Interested in Document Assist?

If you’re interested in Document Assist, why not sign-up to our Acuity Portal to access even more exclusive legal know-how?

Our Acuity Portal is a completely free, secure environment that gives you seamless access to information from our top lawyers, including our expert Knowledge Bank (which is a suite of legal know-how), as well as how-to guides, plus much more. All of this is is within the secure Acuity environment, so your data is fully protected.


for one year of

Unlimited access


Why sign up to Document Assist?

  • Powered by Acuity – Acuity-quality documents, created by our legal experts
  • Fully protected within our Acuity Portal – a secure environment, fully compliant with GDPR and the latest cyber security protocols
  • Travels with you – fully optimised for laptops, phone and tablets
  • As a Document Assist user you gain FREE access to our Portal – a suite of legal know-how, including document templates, how-to guides and insights
  • No phone calls, no emails, no hourly rates
  • Quick creation, cost effective, with the reassurance of Acuity quality at your fingertips
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