Introbiz Bristol Launch Event


27 Oct 2022


4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Introbiz Bristol Launch Event

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Darrell, James and Tracey and Carly are delighted to launch the new Introbiz Bristol franchise and big thank you to Paul Hatch and team at Lexus Bristol for hosting our inaugural event!

Join our global network where relationships are born and millions of pounds worth of business is secured every single year.

The Introbiz experience combines our proven ‘power group’ format for effective networking, set-up in a hybrid of online and 5-star locations, with a community of ambitious business owners.

Harnessing over 13 years of experience hosting networking events, we are able to create powerful environments where long-lasting relationships are born.

We’re excited to be bringing Introbiz to Bristol and to provide the environment for business relationships to grow and thrive!​

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