Is A Portal The Safest Way To Manage Your Legal Affairs?

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Is A Portal The Safest Way To Manage Your Legal Affairs?

The professional industries sector, which includes legal services, is one of the top five sectors most targeted by cybercrime, according to a recent report1.

With endless sensitive information and documents being shared daily, security and compliance have never been more crucial to law firms and their clients.

Firms are trusted with confidential documents and data which is stored securely in a protected location, but when these documents are shared via email or physically in the post, you’re relying on other infrastructures and their security to ensure the safety of your files. Emails can be hacked, post can be lost or intercepted and even phone calls lack security, as your firm can take all precautions to protect the information at their end, but their clients may not be doing the same on the other end.

So how do client portals help?

The great thing about client portals is communications are not just encrypted but they are protected on both ends with the singular location for access. The Acuity Client Portal utilises top cyber-security systems to ensure your information is safe by using firewalls, end-to-end encryption and malware and virus protection, becoming an extension of our in-house case management system.

With secure access being granted to specific people for specific cases, you can choose who accesses your live matters and e-billing. By coordinating with our team to decide who has access, you can work on live documents together allowing for easy collaboration, with the peace of mind that this is personal and private to each client.

As legal firms look to enhance their security and compliance, cloud-based portals are the way forward with unparalleled cyber-security, ease and collaboration.

Other benefits of the Acuity Client Portal include:

  • enhanced e-billing function
  • one-click access to live matters
  • free products, tools and services
  • live chat
  • a carefully curated Knowledge Bank of know-how and legal templates
  • access to up-to-the-minute legal articles and the latest industry-leading events

Start your journey today!


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