Operational risks since Brexit: Import / Exports in the UK & EU

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Operational risks since Brexit: Import / Exports in the UK & EU

Speakers: Begonia Filgueira, Cordelia Payne, Katrina McWhinnie, Bonita Bhandari & Marina Artiz Mateo

In this webinar:

  • The impact of Brexit on UK and Spanish businesses
  • Barriers to entry
  • New opportunities
  • Upcoming changes to government regulations
  • How to protect your brand and other intellectual property rights post-Brexit in the EU and the UK

In this webinar, chaired by Acuity Partner Begonia Filgueira, we discussed the impact of Brexit on UK and Spanish businesses. We were joined by Marina Artiz Mateo, owner of Almar Spanish Delicatessen, who discussed post-Brexit issues from the perspective of a UK start-up that imports Spanish food products into the UK, and Foreign Trade Manager Bonita Bhandari from the Spanish Chamber of Commerce who spoke about opportunities for exports and imports in Spain for UK businesses.

Speaking from Acuity were Cordelia Payne, IP Specialist Partner who discussed the new Intellectual Property Rights’  barriers between the UK and the EU created by Brexit and how businesses are now required to protect their rights in the UK and the EU, and Customs and International Trade Partner Katrina McWhinnie, who talked about the grants still available to help UK business post-Brexit and labelling and food operator business requirements.

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