Spotlight On… Beverley Jones

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Spotlight On… Beverley Jones

Meet Acuity Law Corporate Healthcare partner Beverley Jones

Acuity Law Corporate partner Beverley Jones has had a longstanding interest in healthcare-related matters… although her initial attraction was towards a very different corner of the field.

“I originally wanted to be a vet, funnily enough,” she recalls.

“And then, during my Law degree, I enjoyed the philosophical debates and ethical challenges around medical negligence.”

When Beverley found her home in M&A as a corporate transactional lawyer, she seized the opportunity to build a practice combining her passion for both law and healthcare, in particular, nurturing her client base of care home operators.

“When you’re working for clients in that field, you feel you’re doing something that has a greater purpose, as ultimately the clients are delivering a service for the benefit of people who perhaps have additional needs that should be supported,” she says.

“Everybody had their eyes opened during COVID in terms of the work that the care sector does and how important that work is. We recognise that there are just some things you can’t do without, and health and social care is one of those things, particularly for people who are unable to be entirely independent or fully look after themselves.”

Over the 20 years she has been advising care home operators, Beverley has seen her clients grow to become national organisations and leaders in their field, just as Acuity has evolved from a small Cardiff-based firm to a national and flourishing firm in the sector. She observes that the challenges facing today’s care providers tend to be operational rather than legal, as care home operators grapple with funding constraints and recruiting and retaining staff with limited budgets whilst also facing significant increases in operational costs.

“The fact that we are their lawyers of choice, particularly for their transactional work as they seek to grow and develop their businesses, is a testament to the relationships that we’re able to build with our clients over a long period of time. When you work with clients regularly, you understand their needs and objectives, where their red lines are and what their views are on key issues. That way, you can take some of the burden away from them in terms of the way you approach the transaction and deal negotiations,” she explains.

Beverley, along with the rest of the Acuity Corporate Healthcare team, is proud to be attending tomorrow’s HealthInvestor Awards, and to be associated with the calibre of care organisations operating on a national level that we see nominated.

Find out more about Beverley Jones and our Corporate Healthcare team.

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