Introducing the Acuity Portal


In a world where knowledge is power, being able to find answers to your legal queries quickly and easily is key.

The Acuity Portal provides you with free and seamless access to a host of information from our top lawyers.
The information is promptly provided by the click of a button, and all stored in a secure environment.

Benefits of Signing Up

For Everyone - FREE

  • A suite of legal know-how via the Knowledge Bank – from articles and insights to legal templates and how-to guides.
  • Market leading insights from our team of experts – in-depth analysis of topical trends via articles and podcasts.
  • Access to a wide range of services developed by our team – national events, legal products and top-class tech.
  • Discounts on services from our network of market-leading Acuity Alliance Partners.


  • Access to all of the public services, plus many more.
  • Instant access to your live matters and the experts managing them, 24/7.
  • E-billing and invoice management in one convenient place.
  • Utilisation statements available instantly, helping you to manage your legal spend.
  • Customised access for multiple users across your business, adhering to strict confidentiality.

Why Use the Acuity Portal?

  • Seamless and free access for all who sign up.
  • A secure Acuity environment ensuring the utmost protection for your data.
  • Tailored knowledge and functionality, tried and tested.
  • No obligation – it really is free!

Words From Our Clients

  • The Acuity Portal answered all my questions and more!

  • I came looking for answers and left with a full understanding, a template ready to use and can follow a how-to-guide through the process. Thanks Acuity Portal!

  • It’s so easy to use, would definitely recommend.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Acuity Portal?

The Acuity Portal is your gateway to the Acuity environment – a secure repository of legal documents, know-how, how-to guides and thought leadership pieces, seamlessly accessible to all who sign up. Acuity clients enjoy additional benefits, including real-time access to matters and instant contact with their dedicated team.

Is the Acuity Portal free?

Yes – 100% free, ensuring access to valuable legal resources without any cost barriers.

Do I need to be an Acuity client?

No, you don’t. The Acuity Portal is open to everyone, providing a universal platform for legal know-how.

How do I sign up?

Simply scan the QR code below to access the portal

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