Seven Things Our Consultants Love About Acuity Consult

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Seven Things Our Consultants Love About Acuity Consult

At Acuity Consult, we’ve been busy catching up with our consultants to find out why they chose Acuity – and why they have stayed with us.

  1. Culture club
    A number of our consultants were struck by the people-centred culture at Acuity Law. Our lodestar is kinship, and our nemesis is the silo. We’re not all alike, but we are like-minded, and we don’t treat our consultants any differently from our employed lawyers. We want to match the right work with the right lawyer – no favouritism, no distrust. Our relationships are powered by connection.

    Plus, many appreciate the future-first approach of Acuity, which means we are constantly evolving as a platform.
  1. My heart will go on…
    We can’t all be Logan Roy (thank goodness). Then again, when you have spent your career investing in your practice and your clients, it’s natural to want to plan your succession and make sure all that investment is in the right hands when it’s time to step back. By joining Acuity Consult, our consultants feel confident that their hard work and success is valued and continued by a top-quality team of capable professionals.

    But Acuity Consult does more than take on client relationships. We truly partner with our consultants by investing in their practices and rewarding them financially in retirement.
  1. No limits
    Many of our consultants described being “dismayed” with the baggage that comes with BigLaw: targets, billable hours, politics and stifled career progression. They felt the prescriptive nature of being employed meant big pressure but also boredom – two ill-matched but common bedfellows. By taking the leap into consultancy, they can grow their practice their way – without restrictions or distractions.

  2. The best of both worlds
    Let’s face it – not everything about law firm life is unappealing. Watercooler moments, joint pitches, thought leadership opportunities and support – these are the ingredients that keep lawyers in private practice despite their misgivings.

    Our consultants applauded the fact that Acuity Consult had combined the benefits of being backed by a commercial law firm and combined them with the liberty that consultancy offers.

    With Acuity Consult we offer a familiar structure, first-class operational support for marketing, business development and infrastructure, an exceptional leadership team, and a formidable brand – all on an innovative consultant platform.

    And still, there’s more. Unlike other consultant models, Acuity Consult can help our lawyers scale their practice. By providing legal resource though Acuity Pod – a bank of Acuity lawyers, trainees and paralegals – our consultants sidestep the complication and cost of employing assistants, and even access resource working exclusively for them. Because Acuity Consult invests in their business – and in their success.
  1. Totally addicted to (our) base
    Working from the home office/the garden/the beach is great, but all our consultants reported the appeal of free, on-demand office space at our spacious and eye-catching Acuity offices. Plus, the networking is a bonus – especially when an impromptu conversation turns into a referral.

  2. …Said it once before but it bears repeating…
    Post-Covid, a world of home working has opened up, even for permanent employees. But nothing beats being self-employed for ultimate flexibility. Our consultants love the freedom of working when they want, how they want, with who they want.

    Want to take a long break during the school holidays to be with the kids? Fancy doing some travelling? Your rules, your say.
  1. Standing in the way of (full) control
    Although money was not the first driver for our consultants, the opportunity to have full control over their work, their clients, and their fees was a clear factor in the decision of many of our consultants to build their practice with Acuity Consult.

Want to hear more about how Acuity Consult could work for you? Call Me, any time.

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