How Knowledge Transfer is Changing Lawyer/Client Relationships

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How Knowledge Transfer is Changing Lawyer/Client Relationships

In the current climate, knowledge is available to everyone at the click of a button, but wading through the millions of resources available to find exactly what you need can be overwhelming and time-wasting.

The other option in the legal industry to call up your lawyer and get the information you need directly, but this can often be a lengthy and sometimes costly procedure, with busy, conflicting schedules.

Luckily, there is the emergence of a third option. As the legal sector evolves to introduce new technology and innovate in the way it works, client portals are fast-changing lawyer/client relationships.

Many portals house relevant information in one place, from clients’ working documents to fact sheets. Acuity’s new client portal takes this a step further to house the Knowledge Bank, a repository of know-how and legal templates curated for each client’s specific business needs.

But how does this knowledge transfer help?

On-demand access

Our clients, and indeed future clients, now have access to the information they need at their fingertips, 24/7.

Puts clients in the driving seat

By sharing as much information as possible, clients are able to have a fuller understanding of their matters by accessing relevant documents and knowledge guides at the click of a button. This is giving clients the ability to resolve some of their own queries, in their own time, with a talented team of lawyers ready to step in when needed.


People are quite rightly mindful of the meter ticking when dealing with their law firm, so dealing with simple queries by using the knowledge bank can save valuable time and streamline communication.

Improved collaboration

The ability to easily share documents and files means that there is no longer the need to schedule appointments and phone calls to discuss each and every detail of the case, as many can be solved through the portal. With our live chat function, you can even speak to one of our experts quickly and easily, whilst your lawyer remains ready to pick up when you need them. The entire collaboration process is simplified for both parties.

So, what exactly is available in the Knowledge Bank?

In the Acuity Client Portal, the Knowledge Bank is a one-stop shop for legal documents and templates, from contract information such as the essential elements of the contract, to Implied Terms, checklists for creating a Shareholders Agreement, and factsheets on Redundancy and Right to Work. Need to calculate redundancy costs? You’ll find an easy-to-use calculator within the portal. Need to issue a non-disclosure agreement? A template is right there in the Knowledge Bank. With everything you need to know on GDPR and Intellectual Property too, all information is regularly updated by our subject matter experts to ensure clients, both current and prospective, can find carefully curated templates and factsheets in one place.

By being able to address their basic, day-to-day needs and queries via the portal, conversations between clients and lawyers are more specific, more productive, and more valuable. Visit our client portal today.

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