Quickfire Questions With… Future Trainee Sara Jetten

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Quickfire Questions With… Future Trainee Sara Jetten

2024/25 trainee Sara Jetten explains why she chose Acuity and what she is looking forward to during her legal training.

Sara, what brought you to Acuity to work in your current role? I currently work on reception and as a part of the admin team at Acuity, with a training contract lined up to start in September 2024.

After having secured a training contract with Acuity, I wanted to get involved with the firm in the months leading up to my TC, which is why I took on the reception role. It has helped me get used to the systems, the people, and the clients, and hopefully will have me up to speed once I step into the training contract role.

Why did you choose Acuity for your upcoming training contract? I was attracted by the firm’s variety of practice areas. I’m not sure what type of law I want to qualify into yet so joining a firm that offers seats in a wide range of different departments will allow me to broaden my learning and development as a trainee solicitor.

When you were applying for training contracts, what did Acuity offer you that you felt was missing at other firms? When I was looking for a training contract, it was important for me to find a firm who supported the SQE route to qualifying, as it is fairly new and not many firms take on SQE candidates or don’t understand the new SQE route.

Do you feel Acuity is a good place to study for the SQE?

When I found Acuity Law, I was pleased to learn that they offer two types of training contracts for those qualifying through the SQE route. You can apply through SQE Rotational, where you get to train in a multitude of seats if you want to experience different departments, or you can apply through SQE Specialist if you have your heart set on a specific department. Not only is Acuity welcoming to SQE candidates, but they understand the process and are supportive of trainee’s development via this new route.

Acuity is a great place to study for the SQE. Not only are the SQE course fees fully funded by the firm, but you are supported by the firm by having paid days off to keep up with the course. A lot of the SQE materials apply directly to the firm’s practice areas, so it is valuable to be in a place where you can learn on the job about what you are learning in theory.

Why did you choose the SQE? The benefits of the SQE path for me is that it allowed me to study alongside work. I am currently taking the SQE 1 on a 40-week programme, and this gives me the flexibility to work on my own time and keep on top of the materials while simultaneously working at the firm and gaining practical experience here.

What are you most looking forward to about your training contract at Acuity? As an SQE Rotational trainee, I’m most looking forward to getting to know the firm’s partners, their teams and the systems. As each department runs its own operation, the training contract will be a good chance to work in a variety of different teams to see where I’m compatible when thinking about qualifying.

I feel I have a lot to gain from the breadth of the firm’s practices as well as the many talented solicitors and partners who head each department.  

If you’re interested in a Training Contract at Acuity Law, apply now!

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