Acuity Law 2023 New Starter Round-up

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Author/Key Contact: Adele Carter

Acuity Law 2023 New Starter Round-up

Here at Acuity, 2023 has been all about our continued growth and expansion.

While many firms grapple with the difficult economic and geopolitical conditions that businesses across the UK have faced this year, Acuity has embraced expansion. 

We remain an ambitious presence among national firms, building on last year’s acquisition of specialist dental law firm Goodman Grant with a number of new people at every level of the business.

A people-centric business

“Year on year, we typically increase head count by about 20%, and this year we are closer to 25%”, says Adele Carter, our commercial director.

“We will always recruit where there is an opportunity to bring in like-minded people with ambition or a particular subject matter expertise.”

Our 2022 acquisition of Goodman Grant made headlines, but At Acuity, we are focused on growing not just by acquisition but by organic growth.

“The bottom line is, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a trainee or a small boutique practice, whether you’re in Cardiff or whether you’re in Israel – it’s always about identifying the right people for us and making sure that we’re the right fit for them,” Adele explains.

Acuity Consult

A significant portion of our partner hires have been through our consultancy arm, Acuity Consult a next-generation platform melding the best elements of law firm and self-employed life.

“That is something we’ll continue to focus on over the next couple of years,” says Adele.

Future forward

As we invest in the growth of the firm, a key strategic aim of our recruitment drive has been succession planning. For this reason, a number of this year’s hires have been at trainee, solicitor and associate levels. Notably, between 2024 and 2025, we will see the arrival of 18 trainees, balancing our legal skills across the experience spectrum.

Bigger picture

We know that we cannot match our growth with our client service if we do not invest in our firm infrastructure. That is why we have carefully maintained our ratio of legal and non-legal colleagues expanding our marketing operations, support, talent acquisition and finance functions to scaffold our legal experts.

“It’s all about a balanced scorecard,” explains Adele. “We want to ensure we’re gearing up for the growth of the firm to enable us to meet client demand and to continue to invest in our products and services portfolio.”

As we look forward to 2024, growth remains firmly on the agenda at Acuity. Having recently expanded our Senior Management Team, we are excited to further our connectivity with our clients and provide the fullest, most people-led client service possible.

If you would like to find out more about working at Acuity Law, drop us a line.

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