Upcoming Changes To The Immigration Rules

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Upcoming Changes To The Immigration Rules

Author: Mehreen Ali

Key Contact: Sabina Kauser

On 4th December 2023, the Secretary of State announced a ‘5 point plan’ to reduce legal migration to the UK. The Home Office have recently announced the dates in which the changes will be coming into force.

From the 11th of March 2024, Individuals who enter the UK as Care Workers and Senior Care workers will no longer be able to bring their dependents (partner and children) to the UK. Care workers and Senior care workers already in the UK under the Health and Social Care visa route, will be able to continue to reside with their dependents. Care workers and senior care workers who have not yet bought their dependents to the UK, are able to do so at any point. This rule applies to those who are employed as Care Workers and Senior Care Workers.

On the 4th April 2024, the minimum income threshold for Skilled Worker’s will be increasing from £26,200.00 to £38,700.00. This increase will not be applying to those under the Health and Care Visa route.

The Home Office have also announced that the financial income requirement for family visa’s will be increased in line with the Skilled Worker income requirement. On the 11th of April the income requirement will rise to £29,000.00. Following this, the income requirement will increase to £34,500 in October 2024 and then £38,700.00 in early spring 2025.

Further, the Shortage Occupation List will be replaced by the Immigration Salary List. The ISL will remove the 20% discount to the minimum salary for Shortage Occupation roles. The list will remove some occupations from the list; This change will come into effect in April.

Lastly, the Migration Committee will be reviewing the Graduate Route and the review is expected to last until late December 2024. The government have not announced what they will change or whether they will scrap this route.

If you believe any of the changes above will affect you, kindly contact our office for assistance.

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